French authorities are investigating allegations of sexual harassment and assault against "predator" fashion industry bosses who reportedly kept a tally of the women they slept with and scored them accordingly.

Police launched a probe against Elite Model agency’s former Paris-based president Gérald Marie after fourteen victims had come forward, claiming they were either raped or sexually harassed by the fashion industry bigwig and his cohorts.

Lebanese businessman Omar Harfouch is now assisting French prosecutors in their probe, claiming the fashion executives had a league table of models they targeted to vaunt their machismo.

“Gérald [Marie] and a few bookers from the agency had a board where they would write down who slept with the most women. The criteria for this competition was their ages,” he said.

Marie was described by his former associate as a “sexual predator," the Daily Mail reported.

It's also alleged the "sexual predators" would, at the end of each fashion week, crow about their exploits to build dominance and power.

“He [Marie] touched women’s breasts and bottoms. He always used very sexual and vulgar words when speaking about women.”

The whistleblower detailed a horrific culture of long-standing abuse at Elite that ran from the 1980s well into the 1990s.

As the women at the center of the legal battle dreamt of runway fame, Marie and his colleagues would enjoy their deranged little game for some sense of bravado. The men would earn bonus points if the girls defiled were virgins or underage, according to Harfouch.

Modeling competitions were, according to allegations, referred to as a “podium of p***y," the Sunday Times noted.

Over the years, Marie has fervently denied any wrongdoing after 13 models and one journalist, four of whom are British, accused him of sexual predation.

The alleged victims of the dishonoring abusive behavior included former BBC journalist Lisa Brinkworth, 53, and American supermodel Carre Otis, 51. It's believed that Brinkworth was sexually assaulted by Marie in 1998 while trying to expose sexual crimes in the fashion world, working undercover.

Meanwhile, Otis was reportedly sexually assaulted by Marie when she was a 17-year-old in Paris. She noted that the industry remains unregulated, allowing perpetrators to freely target naive and helpless women, completely objectifying them for their sexual gratification.

“We are from an era where this behavior was blatant. We have all known about perpetrators, there was no hiding their behavior in any way,” Otis said.

Toronto Sun reported that Marie's ex-wife, Canadian supermodel Linda Evangelista, has testified against Marie and has since gone on record to say she believes the victims, vowing to stand behind them.

Last year, French law enforcement began their investigations against Marie after the allegations of long-standing sexual abuse and predatory behavior in the industry emerged.

Elite World Group camp, which owns Elite's European agencies, has repeatedly told the media that Marie had never been affiliated with their company. They noted that they find the alleged lurid criminal acts "egregious" and "abhorrent."

Elite is now made up of two corporations with U.S. and European arms.

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At least a dozen models and a journalist have come forward with legal complaints against a former fashion industry bigshot over his sexually predatory behavior. PIXABAY

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