Ruffles are back in a very big way! Though this traditional style makes an appearance every few seasons, this summer it is taking over all your must-have items. In history elaborately ruffled blouses and dresses, is one of the most feminine fashion statements from the ’50s, that's the reason why in Spring/Summer 2016, high caliber brands like Gucci and Balenciaga popularized the flourish all over again. 

This dramatic style is very versatile and can be styled in many different ways and has enough presence to be a standalone piece without the need of any accessory. Ruffles could be a difficult thing to pull off, but whether you are opting for a feminine dress, a dramatic blouse, or a flirty skirt, fashion blogger Penelope Ramirez from Styled by Penélope, shared with Latin Times three ways to wear this trend with modern Latin flair.    

  • Architectural Drama

Penelope Ramirez Frame your figure! Photo: Courtesy

Penelope Ramirez Work that shoulder girl! Photo: Courtesy

Frame your figure with blunt ruffle blouse and highlight key body parts – such as your shoulder – for a sexy, yet sophisticated feel. For a touch of drama, pair your top with a vibrant pattern. However, if you’re looking for a more casual flair, jeans are always your best bet. (Blouse from Chicwish; pants from Zara).

  • Modern Flirtiness

Penelope Ramirez Cuter than the dancing emoji! Photo: Courtesy

There is not a more feminine piece of clothing than a skirt! This season, ruffles exude more femininity than ever, taking the staple piece to a whole new level. Combine your ruffle skirt with casual t-shirt for a modern and fun look.

Penelope Ramirez Mix and match! Photo: Courtesy

Tip: For a slimmer appearance, opt for skirt with ruffles at the button, avoiding adding unwanted volume around the hip area.        

  • Delicate in One Piece 

Penelope Ramirez Layered dress on point! Photo: Courtesy

If there is something Penelope love about dresses, is how easy they are to wear. There is no need to worry about pairing with a second piece or finding the right balance or compliment. This summer, ruffles add a very delicate touch to the beloved piece to simplify your life even further. Ruffles are dramatic enough to stand alone without the need of any accessory or additional embellishment. Opt for embroidery for a trendy Latin touch.