A father has been accused of brutally killing his alcoholic son before proceeding to chop up the victim's body, and disposing of the mangled remains in different locations around Ahmedabad, India on July 18.

Nilesh Joshi, 65, a retired traffic inspector, allegedly murdered his 21-year-old son Swayam at their residence on July 18 morning, after a verbal altercation ensued between the father and the son. After killing his offspring, he allegedly dismembered his son’s body into six pieces using an electronic cutter and then disposed of them in big plastic bags in the Vasna and Ellis Bridge areas of Ahmedabad, the Indian Express reported.

The gruesome murder came to light after Swayam's mangled body parts were recovered from different areas of Ahmedabad in the span of four days. The torso was reportedly discovered in Sorainagar locality of Vasna on July 20. Barely two days after, the victim's legs, packed in a garbage bag, were found near Doctor House, Parimal Garden. When officers checked CCTV surveillance footage from the area, they found Joshi riding on his scooter with the bags and later dumping them in Vasna and Parimal Garden.

Swayam, who was a notorious alcoholic, reportedly engaged in frequent heated arguments and fights with his father Joshi and often also threatened to kill his dad. On July 18 morning, when Swayam demanded Joshi give him money to buy alcohol, the father refused. This led to a heated argument between the two and Swayam started thrashing his dad.

As their fight escalated, Joshi picked up a grinder stone kept in the kitchen and used it to bludgeon his son in the head resulting in the young man's death. After the murder, the accused then purchased plastic bags and an electronic cutter from a market and used the instrument to chop the remains and pack them into polybags. He then used his scooter to transport the dismembered corpse to the Vasna and Ellis Bridge areas of Ahmedabad, the Times Of India reported.

After committing the crime, Joshi reportedly went to Kalupur Swaminarayan Temple to repent for his sins.

The authorities later found the father at the Gangapur Railway Station in Sawai Madhopur of Rajasthan. The accused was then detained by a joint team of DCB and Railway Police and has been booked for murder.

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