After accusing his son of murdering his girlfriend, a Brazilian father handed his kid over to the cops.

Officials arrested Paulo Eduardo Scravonatto, 19, after his father believed he killed his girlfriend Joana Fabris Deod in the municipality of Bento Goncalves, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

According to the Daily Star, the heinous act took place on Saturday. Joana was fatally wounded and she needed to be rushed to the doctor right away.

The suspect claimed vicious street thugs allegedly shot Joana after she battled them when they attempted to rob her.

The woman was taken to neighboring Tacchini Hospital by Scravonatto and his father, where she died shortly after her injuries. At the same time, the 19-year-old boy was released after telling authorities his version of the incident.

The father later returned to the police station, claiming that his son was the one who killed his girlfriend. Officials then went to Scravonatto's house, where they saw the crime scene and seized the revolver that was reportedly his.

Officers interrogated the suspect again, who allegedly revised his tale and admitting to shooting the victim by accident.

Scravonatto was arrested for femicide when his father made another statement corroborating his previous beliefs. He is currently awaiting trial.

"It's a very delicate situation, which involves family members of both the victim and the suspect because we have a mother and father who lost a daughter. But we also have a father who acted correctly and alerted the police of his own son's actions," Chief Deise Salton Brancher and Head of Specialized Police Stations on Assistance to Women (DEAMs) said.

Meanwhile, Joana's family denied any connection between Scravonatto and the victim, but the chief claims the two were "intimate and friendly" with each other.

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