An Indian woman had allegedly sedated her 50-year-old husband and murdered him by mutilating his private parts about nine months ago. She and her lover have now been arrested.

The woman, identified as Uma, had been married to H T Venkataraju for 10 years. She is 20 years younger than Venkataraju. Together, they have two children -- an eight-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy.

She was held soon after the postmortem report revealed the cause of death of her husband, reported The Times Of India. In the report it was mentioned that he died due to an injury on the scrotum caused by force. The wife was detained and questioned regarding the crime that happened on Oct. 9 last year.

On Monday, SP Chethan R told reporters that it was the arrest of Uma that helped police in solving the mysterious death of Venkataraju.

Four years ago, Uma and Avinash, a neighbor near her parents’ house in Mandya district, Karnataka, became friends. Since forming a bond with him, Uma did not return to her husband’s house, said police. On Oct. 9, Uma invited Venkataraju to her grandmother’s house in Bannur and sedated him by offering him coffee. When Venkataraju went off to sleep, Uma followed directions given by Avinash and killed her husband by squeezing his testicles. She also used a pillow to smother him.

According to police, Uma later said that Venkataraju collapsed after having headache. The victim’s brother filed a complaint the next day. Then police considered it as a case of unnatural death and did postmortem. The report recently came after visceral samples were sent for testing.

In a separate incident, a woman and her boyfriend were arrested on Sunday on the charges of murdering the former’s husband. The P.M. Palem police identified the arrested as Sheikh Basha of Arilova and K. Ramya of Durga Nagar, Madhurawada, reported The Hindu.

Satish was murdered while he was out for an evening walk with his wife Ramya in Visakhapatnam on July 13. Ramya told the police that she was walking ahead of her husband when she suddenly heard some noise. She then turned around, only to find him lying in a pool of blood. She complained that his business partner, Sudhakar Reddy, had been threatening her husband over financial matters. She alleged that he was involved in her husband's death.

During police investigation, it was found that the accused killed Satish so that they could continue their affair.

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