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A woman and her lover had been arrested for strangling her husband and later chopped his body and burned his remains to avoid getting caught. Mirror UK retold the brutal death of Frank Stonemark on October 29, 2017, after the incarceration of Carmen Stonemark, 55, and James Deese, 54.

Frank Stonemark was a well-known De Soto businessman who owned a rental property company with his first wife. He and his wife split, and he had been having an affair with Carmen Noland, then 33, one of his tenants. Frank and Carmen married after the divorce in 2010.

However, Frank's staff, particularly his maintenance men, found Carmen to be a flirt.

The Deese and Carmen planned on killing Frank after she acknowledged that her relationship with Frank was on the brink, and she was concerned that her husband would take her out of his will because of her frequent extramarital affairs.

Carmen promised Deese that they would be together and "live happily ever after" once they had murdered her husband.

Reports say that Deese and Carmen were together when the former murdered her husband at his house on October 29. He said he gripped Frank's neck and squeezed until he heard a pop.

The pair drove a minivan to transport the body to one of Frank's rented houses, where they dismembered the corpse months later.

Deese claimed they dismembered the body using a variety of instruments, including a chainsaw given by Carmen. He explained how he sawed Frank's torso in two after cutting off his limbs, legs, and head.

After that, the two of them put the corpse pieces into garbage bags and burned them in fire barrels.

Deese gave directions to the Illinois State Police where investigators discovered evidence of remains at the scene.

James Deese pled guilty to first-degree murder in July 2018. He consented to testify against Carmen, who had been arrested and held on a $2.5 million bond, as part of his plea agreement.

She pled guilty to the first-degree solicitation to commit murder and concealment of murder in July of this year.

Carmen was sentenced to 20 years in jail on July 15, 2020, and will not be eligible for release until she is 70 years old.

Deese was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his part in the murder and dismemberment of Frank Stonemark in the same month. Because there is no early release program, he will spend the entirety of his sentence.

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