“Fear The Walking Dead” Season 5 ended with a bang last Sunday, leaving us with the sight of Lennie James’ Morgan Jones shot and left for dead by the antagonist Colbie Minifie’s Virginia. The fifth installment of the “Fear” series has held Morgan as one of the major forces driving the show, and the season finale may have just turned all of it around.

With the possibility of James’ character out of the story, many fans question what then happens to the rest of Morgan’s fellow survivors? Fortunately, FTWD’s showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss are here to shed some light on the future of Season 6.

The two showrunners refused to talk about Morgan’s fate in their interview with Entertainment Weekly, but they revealed something else for fans to expect in the sixth installment. According to the two, Austin Amelio’s Dwight will finally stop looking for his wife, Christine Evangelista’s Sherry, despite somewhat hearing her voice on the radio.

“Dwight has found himself in such a conflicted place,” Chambliss explained. “He doesn’t want to be reunited with Sherry in any way that is going to make him feel like he is obligated to anyone.”

“That’s one of the things that really made him feel so adamant that he didn’t want to come under Ginny’s control, because if he ends up with Sherry and if it’s because of Ginny, I think he is fearful that is just going to tarnish their relationship.” Chambliss further said. “It’s going to essentially repeat the same exact thing that happened when Dwight and Sherry were together at the Sanctuary.”

Aside from this spoiler offered by the duo, they also revealed that the second bombshell of Season 5 regarding Karen David’s Grace being pregnant will be a major plot point in the 6th season. “That she was pregnant and literally was carrying a symbol of the future inside of her is pretty amazing,” Golberg said.

“And so what’s going to be interesting is Ginny’s also somebody who is obsessed with the future, and you saw kind of a smile cross her face and she laughed when she got the revelation from the doctor that Grace was pregnant. So that baby might have some significance and importance to her, too,” he added.

Fear the Walking Dead
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