The second season of AMC's "Fear The Walking Dead" has concluded with a two-part finale that ended with a cliffhanger, leaving the fate of several characters in jeopardy and that of Nick and Luciana (Danay Garcia), unknown. 

Nick causes the leader to stay behind and the rest of the group is convinced by the post-apocalypse power-couple that it's best for them to leave a community that took all of season two to construct.

Luciana is among a group that gets shot in an ambush at the border by what appears to be some sort of military group.

Danay Garcia Danay Garcia, who plays Luciana on "Fear The Walking Dead." Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

How did this band of Tijuana gangsters end up at the end of a gun? Well Nick, who first got himself and Luciana involved with this band, ends up leading them to “La Colonia” to build a community that accepts "the dead." 

But the Narcos intend to seize it, so in an attempt to save the women and children, Alejandro takes the fall. The leader would reveal himself to be a fraud thus allowing for Nick and Luciana to lead them north to the U.S. and Mexico Border. 

The Mexican storyline is perhaps an attempt to build up an Hispanic audience for the show; and with a new villain needed for the new season, a U.S.-Mexico conflict seems likely.  

But shortly before the airing on, Danay revealed a spoiler about her character. “No, I have to survive!” Garcia declared, “Of course, I’m going to survive.”

Now we will have to wait for season three, airing sometime in 2017 to find out the truth!