Feid's Instagram post: ROMÁNTICOS DE VIERNE$$$$$ FERXXO EDICHONG 💚🎃💀🦹‍♂️ @sismatyc Sismatyc/https://www.instagram.com/p/CxzNuo7MMY_/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Colombian singer and songwriter Feid has been on repeat throughout the whole globe with the release of his new album MOR, no le temas a la oscuridad (Love, don't be afraid of the dark).

On Sept. 29, the soundtrack was brought out of the dark and released with features such as Sean Paul, Rema, Ryan Castro and more. The album encapsulates a horror film vibe but tells the story of "..how I went from being in the shadows as a composer to everything I am achieving now [as an artist]" expresses el Ferxxo at an interview with Billboard earlier this year.

The record which brings infectious reggaeton beats but with r&b inspiration, holds a total of15 danceable tracks:

  1. VOL 2
  3. Niña Bonita - Feid & Sean Paul
  4. GANGSTERS Y PISTOLAS - Feid & Ñengo Flow
  5. FERXXO 151 - Feid & ICON
  6. BUBALU - Feid & Rema
  7. RITMO DE MEDALLO - Feid & Ryan Castro
  11. EY CHORY
  14. El único tema del ferxxo - Feid, Young Cister & Pailita
  15. PRIVILEGIOS - Feid & Cupido
Feid's Instagram post: INSTRUCCIONES PARA ESCUCHAR EL ÁLBUM HOY : 💚👻💀🎃🦹‍♂️🩲🐉🪻🔋🕯️ 1. TODAS las luces apagadas 2. Escuchar sin saltarse ninguna de la 1 a la 15 ( se siente mejor ) 3. Seleccionar tu favorita y repetirla 19 veces. 4. No escucharlo solx, se te puede meter el Sapoperreitor 5. El volumen nunca es suficiente, así que súbale morrr!!! 6. Ver TODOS los videos que salen hoy 🎃. 7. Deja en los comentarios tu Favorita. 8. Mexico nos vemos este viernes para una firma de autógrafos bien chimba y Miami la rumba es en la casa embrujada del FERXXO <3 9. Y mas importante … ESPERAR A QUE SALGA FERXXO30 📸 @sismatyc SE NOS LLEGÓ EL DÍA!!!! 👻 MOR, No le temas a la oscuridad 🤌💚 (PHOTOS: Feid's Instagram Post/ @feid)

El Ferxxo marked the album release with a midnight concert which streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime on September 29th. During the performance, he delivered a thrilling setlist that featured not only tracks from his latest album, such as "Niña bonita '' and "Bubalu," but also revisited some of his classic hit singles. The celebrations, however, went beyond the stage.

Feid performing "Bubalu" at the album release party with Amazon Prime Live. (VIDEO: Amazon Music Youtube)

The Colombian singer took his festivities to Mexico, where he held a concert and a meet-and-greet event with fans. Additionally, he jetted off to Miami for an exclusive parchar (hang-out) session with his dedicated fan base at the Casa Embrujada del Ferxxo (Ferxxo's Haunted House), creating the perfect ambiance to continue the spooky celebration. The theme of horror will continue to be seen throughout this era of Feidas he remarks at the Amazon Prime Live event, "I am giving some clues with the videos, because all the videos are like horror movies...."

These are not the only achievements that have been accomplished by Salomón Villada Hoyos – Known as Feid – this year. He recently finished his first U.S. tour "Ferxxo Nitro Jam Underground" that included sold-out shows in Miami. But El Ferxxo will be back again on the road for his new album. He stated at the album release party, "The new tour is a new name, new concept, new stage, new everything. It's going to be another new level of everything. Just wait a couple of more days to announce it and everything." Additionally, Feid hinted at a collaboration with the Marvel Universe via instagram.

Feid's Instagram post: MOR, something is happening in the Marvel Universe! No te esperabas este priviusito pero seguro te va a parecer muy chimba. Coming Soon 💚 (PHOTO: Feid's Instagram post / @feid)

He has been an integral part of the Latin music genre for several years, primarily functioning behind the scenes as a songwriter. During this time, he collaborated with some of Colombia's most prominent artists, including J Balvin, Maluma, and his girlfriend Karol G. Although his aspiration was always to step into the spotlight as a performing artist, it was his mentor and compatriot, J Balvin, who played a pivotal role in bringing him to the forefront. This was accomplished through the release of the single "Qué raro" in 2016, which swiftly became an international sensation.

Feid's story to going from songwriter to singer. (VIDEO: Billboard's Youtube channel)

Feid represents Colombia wherever he goes, including by keeping up with the modern slang like que chimba (how cool) and encouraging his fans to embrace it. "Colombia, especially Medellin, my city. I mean the whole country but in Medellín is where it all started... I'm always thinking about them like darles cariño, amor (give them love) , special shows, and special events like this one." He has become the artist of this generation, by allowing fans to connect with him on a personal level.

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