Felipe Calderon World Series Interview: Watch Former Mexican President And Red Sox Fan Speak With Fox Sports In Boston [VIDEO]

Felipe Calderon
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Felipe Calderon has kept a low profile ever since his term as President of Mexico ended, but he granted an interview to FOX Deportes during the World Series Game 6. Calderon, who is now a professor at Harvard University, is a fan of the Boston Red Sox and joined sports narrator José Tolentino from the sky box. The interview took place before the match started and Felipe was confident that his favorite team was going to win. "This is a historical date because since 1918 no one has one the World Series at Fenway Park, today would be almost a whole century since the last win.," he told Tolentino. "It would be very special for Boston after the attacks during the marathon and the great spirit that this woke from the fans."

Felipe Calderon says that he has no special privileges when he goes to watch a match at the baseball stadium and gets seats wherever they are available. It was not all about baseball talk as was also hopeful for the Mexican soccer team in their upcoming decisive matches against New Zealand that would determine if they go to the World Cup in Brasil next year. "I hope that the winning Mexico wakes up, the one that allowed Mexico to win the FIFA U-17 World Cup twice, the Pan American games and the Olympic games. I think that their character and courage needs to awaken, as well as their motivation to play, their spirit and the confidence ... that's the winning Mexico, that is more psychological, will determine if they go to the World Cup."

Both of the commentators asked Calderon if he would help them narrate an inning but he declined as it would be "too difficult" and he would leave that to the experts. Calderon recently made the headlines after new details revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) spied on him during his tenure as the President of Mexico. "More than a personal one, it's an affront to the institutions of the country, given that they were carried out when I was exercising the office of the President of the Republic," he Tweeted. He also added that he had spoken to Jose Antonio Meade, Mexico's foreign minister, "to ask him to communicate my most energetic protest against the espionage of which I was object". CHECK OUT HIS INTERVIEW DURING THE WORLD SERIES DOWN BELOW!

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