Fans of ACF Fiorentina during the Serie A match between Empoli FC and ACF Fiorentina
Police Search for Members of Angry Mob That Attacked and Molested Girl in India Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Italian journalist Greta Beccaglia appeared to be groped and molested by a football fan on live broadcast while reporting from outside a stadium, Saturday. The incident took place after Fiorentina lost 2-1 to Empoli in a Serie A clash at the Carlo Castellani Stadium in Empoli, Italy.

A fan wearing a green jacket, camo-styled trousers and a purple beanie walked and approached Beccaglia from behind before slapping her on the backside. The reporter, seemingly annoyed, wagged her finger at the fan, followed by her response which has been translated into English as, "Sorry, you can't do this, I'm sorry."

Meanwhile, Toscana TV newscaster and program co-host Giorgio Micheletti told her, "Don't be angry, don't be upset."

The camera captured the whole scene of the female TV reporter being "molested" live on air. Shortly afterward, another supporter stopped next to Beccaglia before swearing into the camera with a hand gesture.

In a live report on Toscana TV, Beccaglia was interviewing fans as they were leaving the stadium, trying to get their reactions and perspective towards the game when the incident happened. The timing of the footage will be a particular concern for the Italian football authorities.

The repoter filed charges against the man who slapped her. The police identified the man and Beccaglia's employer, Toscana TV, stated that it would pay any associated legal costs. Besides, The Order of Journalists of Tuscany expressed full solidarity with Beccaglia. She works for Fiorentina on both TV and radio and is known to be a passionate journalist with an excellent record in her field.

The incident happened immediately after the game, wherein the players wore a red mark on their cheeks during the game in support of the "give violence against women the red card" campaign. They had used the Tuscan derby fixture to raise awareness on the same week as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which was on Nov. 25.

"What happened to me is unacceptable and must not be repeated." Beccaglia said. "It was filmed live on TV because I was at work, but unfortunately, as we know, such harassment happens to other women with the cameras off, that is, without anyone knowing. It cannot and must not happen," she told Italian mdia outlet Corriere Fiorentino.

Local reports have confirmed that Empoli police are reviewing video footage and speaking to witnesses.

General view during the Serie A match between Empoli FC and ACF Fiorentina
General view during the Serie A match between Empoli FC and ACF Fiorentina at Stadio Carlo Castellani on November 27, 2021 in Empoli, Italy. Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images