Famed Colombian radio presenter Fernando Gonzalez Pacheco has passed away in Bogota today aged 82. Known to fans as simply 'Pacheco' known as Pacheco, Fernando was a Colombian television host, announcer, journalist and actor with a career spanning over six decades. Known for his incredible improvisational skills, Pacheco is remembered for his work on shows like "Operación jaja", "Animalandia", "Compre la Orquesta", "Quiere cacao" and "Charlas con Pacheco" to name just a few.

Born in Valencia, Spain in 1932, Pacheco emigrated with his parents to Colombia when he was four years old. After highschool, he worked as a waiter before being discovered by entrepreneur Alberto Peñaranda who offered him a part on TV after listening to him play the ukelele. Pacheco's first official Television appearance was in 1956 "Agencia de Artistas (Artists Agency)." This led to his role in "Operación Ja-Ja," from which the hugely successful "Sabados Felices" emerged.

Though not a trained actor, Pacheco was a well-known performer in a number of Colombian films and telenovelas. He was admitted to hospital on February 5th with a serious heart condition and passed away from heart failur a few days later. His biogrpaher, Daniel Samper, wrote of Pacheco "this guy, who is all at once the most popular, the most beloved and the ugliest of all Colombians, deserves all three titles without a doubt, however, he deservs a fourth accolade too: as the most humble man in the country."