After dropping their song "No Me Acostumbro," Fey's latest single featuring Lenny de la Rosa, word on the street is that the two artists are dating. This chisme, however, has been making the rounds for quite a while now and a recent incident on "Sabadazo" had many people still talking. 

It turned out that while Fey and de la Rosa were promoting their song, the handsome up-and-coming Cuban singer nabbed a kiss from the Mexican songstress after their performance on the popular show.

Although Fey was taken by surprise, the 32-year-old Caribbean stud could not help but express how the "magical moment" impulsed him to kiss her on the lips. A month after the steamy incident, Fey denied all rumors and assured that she was not dating her colleague. 

"Why do people want to relate us? Of course we have a work relationship, I'm not saying otherwise," she told People En Español, adding that she doesn't give him a break and that she keeps him busy with the song's promo. "No Me Acostumbro" is de la Rosa's first musical work as a singer. He is primarily known for being in actor in telenovelas such as "Yo No Creo En Los Hombres" and "Triunfo Del Amor."

The 42-year-old artist is helping Lenny kick off his singing career, which is why she invited him to be part of her new single. "It's a Cuban song and I loved the idea of making it a duet with Lenny," she said of "No Me Acostumbro."

Fey also opened up about being de la Rosa's godmother in the music industry, stating that the collaboration also benefits her career. "It was very interesting how things happened. It took us a year to complete the song," she told People en Español

Despite the rumors, something tells us that the "Azucar Amargo" singer has her eye set on the former "Bailando Por Un Sueño" contestant, as she also mentioned that it is important to date around and give everyone an opportunity despite their age, social class and personal taste.