'Sabadazo' Out Of Primetime
The variety show that replaced 'Sábado Gigante' could not match the success and is now moving out of primetime. Televisa

Univision decided to end "Sábado Gigante" this year and we all said farewell to the beloved Don Francisco. What ever show replaced it would have a difficult time matching the charisma and the connection the Chilean host had with its viewers. "Sabadazo" was launched in primetime in its place and proved that the Mexican show produced by Televisa could not gather a big enough audience to continue having the privilege of being aired on Saturday nights. It has been announced that the variety show co-hosted by Cecilia Galliano, Laura G and Omar Chaparro will be moving back to its original 3pm ET/PT effective Saturday, January 16.

We can also confirm that in its place "Crónicas De Sábado" hosted by Maria Antonieta Collins and Felix De Bedout as well as a new an additional airing of "Sal y Pimienta" will take its place. The latter gossip show will now air on Saturday and Sunday nights at 10pm ET/PT. "Sabadazo" had been struggling for weeks to find a foothold and connect with Latino audiences. The show is mainly targeting a Mexican audiences and Univision only airs it in contrast to "Sábado Gigante" which was produced in Miami targeting all of the nations that our Latin community is made up of.

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