Omar Chaparro, Laura Gil and Cecilia Galliano talk to us about "Sabadazo" airing Saturday nights on Univision. Find out what they said! Univision

Saturday nights have been such a bore since "Sabado Gigante" aired its final episode on September 19th ---but not for long! Univision has announced that a new entertainment variety show is just around the corner and it promises to brighten up everyone's Saturday nights.

The network has been preparing television viewers with their forthcoming new show "Sabadazo," hosted by Omar Chaparro, Laura Gil and Cecilia Galliano, set to premiere on October 17th from 8 p.m. ET to 11 p.m. ET.

Though "Sabadazo" has been a favorite on Mexican TV for over five years, this is the first time that the popular variety show ---which includes interviews, guest appearances and games--- will air during primetime hours. We talked to all three hosts about the grand premiere, their expectations and what this new stage means for the show. Check out what they told us in our exclusive interview.

Latin Times: "Sabadazo" has always aired during the morning hours. What does this new primetime stage mean for the show?

Laura Gil: We're happy with the opportunity, we know the importance of the time slot and it's very important for our careers and for our entire team. Hopefully everyone who watches the show gives us the opportunity and welcomes us to their homes.

LT: What were your first reactions when you found out the show will air Saturday nights on Univision?

Omar Chaparro: We all thought it was a prank from our producer. He's a jokester, so we all thought it was a joke!

LT: How does it feel being in the same time slot that "Sabado Gigante" had for many years?

OC: They are big shoes to fill, but we're not wearing them. It's impossible to replace "Sabado Gigante" and we see Don Francisco as our mentor. We're just going to use the time slot, and we promise to deliver a show like we've been doing it for the past five years, with a lot of entertainment, comedy, skits, music, interviews, games and more. We're focused in the present and on the success we've had in Mexico. Over all, we want to captivate new fans who may not know who we are.

LT: What spoilers can you give us on the show's Univision debut on October 17?

Cecilia Galliano: We're going to have Banda El Recodo, we're going to have Dulce Maria. There's also going to be a fun dance competition called "Bailando Con Los Grandes," where children pick their family members for a dance off. The families have been rehearsing for many weeks and they all have great stories to tell. That's the beauty of this show, because every week there's something different and new!

LT: What expectations do you have from the show's primetime premiere on Univision?

LG: That everybody will open their doors for us and that they enjoy our show. We want everyone to leave behind their problems, to have a good time with us and spend quality time with their families. I think that if we can make people smile, our mission is accomplished.

LT: Can each of you give me one reason why everyone should watch "Sabadazo"?

CG: Because it's nonstop fun!
LG: Because you'll sleep with a smile!
OC: Because you have no choice ---It's either "Sabadazo" or "Sabadazo"!

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