Fidel Castro Son Dead At 68: Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart Dies By Suicide After Suffering Severe Depression

According to the Cuban official state newspaper Granma, the Doctor of Science Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart, eldest son of the longserving leader of communism in Cuba, Fidel Castro, took his life on February 1 in Havana, after suffering a severe depression that was being treated, and part of the treatment included hospitalization.

Castro Díaz–Balart, aslo known as "Fidelito," served as head of Cuba’s nuclear power program and had studied nuclear physics in the Soviet Union. At the time of his death, he served as Scientific Advisor to the Council of State and Vice President of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, as reported by the local press.

The Miami Herald, via The Daily Beast reported that one time Fidel Castro fired him from his position in the nuclear power program and reportedly said, "He was fired for incompetence. We don’t have a monarchy here."

According to Telegraph, despite having never held a political position, "Fidelito" was very popular in the Caribbean country. His death came 15 months after his father passed away in November 25, 2016. The younger Castro was faithful to his father's communist ideals. Both were decorated with various international awards throughout their life. 

Castro Díaz-Balart was married to María Victoria Barreiro and had three children from his previous marriage: Fidel Antonio Castro Smirnov, Mirta María Castro Smirnova and Jos­é Raúl Castro Smirnov. Newsweek reported that he was the cousin of Mario Díaz-Balart, a Republican Representative from Florida. 

"Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart, has died in Havana after taking his own life. Clear example that power and money do not bring happiness and harmony," wrote Konstantin Titov on his Twitter account. 

"In some ways Fidelito’s life was not unlike that of the child of a mega Hollywood star - think Liza or one of Michael Jackson’s children. He was the object of a major and very dramatic custody battle that took him to several countries and always lived in Fidel’s immense shadow," expressed BBC Journalist Emilio San Pedro

According to San Pedro, "his mother Mirta was a beautiful socialite of the pre-revolutionary period and the Castros were a very wealthy and prominent family then as well. Mirta Diaz Balart and her family tried to take Fidelito away several times, sometimes in dramatic fashion but he ended up with Fidel."

"Fidelito committed suicide ... he suffered from depression ... probably caused by his father Fidel Castro whose record of damaging families undoubtedly contributed to the suffering of his son. Fidel's legacy: separation of families, suffering, death -so we will remind you commander," wrote the user @MarkitoKrod.

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