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A last-minute decision to ban alcohol at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has left its partner, Budweiser with a surplus of beer that will go to waste. However, Budweiser said it has come up with a way to clear out its excess stock after it posted a photo on social media.

Fox News reported a follow-up to the shocking decision from FIFA and Qatari officials to ban the sale of alcohol during the much-awaited event which stunned football fans who were set for a long month in the Persian Gulf country. FIFA president Gianni Infantino downplayed the decision, saying “If this is the biggest problem we have, I’ll sign that [agreement],"

The ambiguous post on Twitter had Budweiser playing up on words to attract patrons, "New Day, New Tweet. Winning Country gets the Buds. Who will get them?"

Full details of the promotion have yet to be disclosed, but a spokesperson for Budweiser parent Anheuser-Busch InBev BUD, +0.95% told Marketwatch to stay tuned as more will be revealed as the tournament runs its course. The spokesperson further wrote that Budweiser wanted to bring the celebration from FIFA World Cup stadiums to the winning country’s fans

Infantino placed the blame on the “crowd flows” in Doha, however, the decision appeared to be a resolution from Qatar’s autocratic government as it supposedly tried to appease the conservative Wahabi citizens, who have expressed their disapproval by some events that have accompanied the tournament. Infantino further confirmed the move to be a unanimous decision.

"We tried until the end to see whether it was possible," Infantino said. He continued, saying that fans can survive for three hours a day without an alcoholic beverage. Infantino added that France, Spain, and Scotland were smarter in regard to the ban on alcohol sales in stadiums, and thought FIFA should emulate that policy for the event in Qatar.

Fans will be permitted to buy and enjoy their alcoholic drinks in the evenings at the FIFA Fan Festival. Qatar also puts a strict limit on the purchase and consumption of alcohol, however, its sale has been permitted in hotels and bars for quite some time, outside of tournament-run areas.

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