The four remaining girls of Fifth Harmony, Lauren, Dinah, Normani and Ally made another statement revealing Camila Cabello left the group with no notice whatsoever, and revealed she never had a conversation with them explaining her decision.

In a new letter to their "Harmonizers," they confess Cabello’s breach with the group was a problem they’ve been dealing with from a long time ago.

“Over the past several months, we have consistently made every effort to sit down and discuss the future of Fifth Harmony with Camila. We have spent the past year and a half (since her initial solo endeavor) trying to communicate to her and her team all of the reasons why we felt Fifth Harmony deserved at least one more album of her time...” the letter explains.

The letter continues saying she continuously rejected to meet with the group to talk. They also mentioned her manager informed the group about her last performance and not her, as Camila declares on her statement.

“We truly support anyone’s decision to do what makes them happy and to that end we do wish Camila all the best although saddened by the way she and her team handled the situation,” they added.

Fifth Harmony 5H stays positive after Camila's departure Getty Images

While all this drama is going on, fans spread the word asking everyone to unfollow Fifth Harmony's Instagram and Twitter account as an act of support for the remaining four members and against the management of the group. 

We hope this breakup ends up in good terms and that we get new music from both the remaining girls from Fifth Harmony as well as Camila in the next year.

Read Fifth Harmony's full statement below.