The news of Camila Cabello's departure from the pop group Fifth Harmony has been very tumultous. While the group publically stated that they never knew that Cabello was going to quit the group, the remaining four members are determined to push forward. They have now released a new song and judging by fan commentary, they are well on their way.

According to Us Magazine,  Fifth Harmony’s latest single “That’s My Girl” — without ex-member Camila Cabello’s voice- has hit the Internet and fans are completely loving it!

If you are a fan of Fifth Harmony then you know that Cabello's high-pitched ad-libs and spirited riffs that mostly signify her personal touch has helped the group range of vocality. Since her departure, Lauren Jaregui's sexy, husky tone shines bright on the tune’s pre-chorus is able to shine through giving them a fresher sound. 

While some people believe that the group needs Cabello in order to remain relevant within the music industry, the release of this new single is making the haters think again. Fans have taken over social media with excitement about the new single and the response is everything the four remaining members would hope for.

“That’s my girl without Camila sounds so good!” one Fifth Harmony devotee wrote, while another enthused: “I just listened to a version of That’s My Girl without Camila’s parts and it sounds incredible. What the hell?”

Another fan tweets "That's My Girl by @FifthHarmony is my anthem I'm obsessed #ThatsMyGirl."

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