In Brazil's 'Night of the UFOs (unidentified flying objects),' mysterious bright objects, with some of them being 300 foot wide and traveling at 11,500 miles per hour, were chased by fighter jets.

The Sun reported that five pilots testified to spotting 21 mysterious objects appear and disappear. Hundreds of troops on the ground also witnessed them, and Air Force chiefs admitted that “there is no explanation." What happened formed a part of a hearing that took place in the Brazilian Senate into UFOs last week.

It comes after Congress held a hearing response to a video taken from US Navy fighter planes showing mysterious objects moving rapidly in the sky. It is now known as the ‘Tic-Tac’ video, but the story of what unfolded on a night in Brazil 10 years before it was taken is mind boggling. For several hours, hundreds of witnesses saw mysterious objects that seemed to move at a terrifying speed.

Pilots looked at objects in front of them that didn’t appear on their aircraft radars, and sometimes the other way around. The objects played "cat and mouse" with them.

Brazilian air force air traffic controller, Sergeant Sergio Mota da Silva, reported the first signs of anything unusual on the evening of May 19, 1986. From the control tower of an airport near Sao Paulo, he saw a light in the sky. Mota da Silva asked controllers at Sao Paolo’s international airport if any planes were coming to his air field. They replied that there weren’t.

That night, around 8 p.m. nearly 2000 cadets and officers from an Air Force training school in the same area, reported that they spotted the lights. The Air Force scrambled its fighters to intercept the objects, but it was not an easy task as the pilots found themselves disoriented by what was taking place. Three planes were initially sent up. It included a Mirage F-103, which took off at just before 11 p.m. with Captain Armindo Sousa Viriato at the controls, and soon his warplane hit 1,000 miles per hour. But as he approached the UFO, it accelerated to a speed he calculated as 15 times the speed of sound, or 11,500 miles per hour.

Alien technology "immensely superior to ours" was on display that night, believes Brazilian UFO researcher Ademar José Gevaerd. The EurAsian Times reported that photojournalist Adenir Britto was also working that night in his newspaper office. He received a tip-off that there was a flying saucer overhead the newspaper office. He saw multicolored lights moving in all directions.

Among various alien stories, the Roswell incident has been one of the most thoroughly researched and debated mysteries, reported US News & World Report. Roswell will mark the 75th anniversary of the alleged 1947 UFO crash, and for decades now, journalists, authors and others have unearthed information of that time. They’ve brought attention to many pieces such as the July 1947 front pages of the Roswell Daily Record.

It recorded initial reports of the incident along with a follow-up version of events presented by the military. The Roswell Morning Dispatch, now a defunct sister newspaper of the Roswell Daily Record, carried accounts in July 1947 of the unfolding events related to the alleged recovery of a crashed “Flying Disk” outside Roswell. There were also the military’s explanations for what had occurred.

UFO Festival
People take pictures of exhibits at the International UFO Museum and Research Center during the UFO Festival on July 2, 2021 in Roswell, New Mexico. - The festival returns during the July 4th holiday weekend following the Covid-19 pandemic. A highly awaited US intelligence report on dozens of mysterious unidentified flying object sightings said most could not be explained, but did not rule out that some could be alien spacecraft. The report made no mention of the possibility of -or rule out - that some of the objects sighted could represent extra-terrestrial life. The military and intelligence community have conducted research on them as a potential threat. Photo by Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

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