A video of a disc-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) traveling at high speed across the water was recently posted online, baffling many fans.

Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring took to his website to share the clip that was captured by a person "who often records beautiful video using his drone." The date of the UFO sighting was Jan 30, 2019, and location was Fifth of Forth in Scotland. Waring, who is known for making outlandish claims of alien sightings, was convinced that the location was somewhere at the waters just outside Edinburgh, reported Daily Star.

He said that he believes the white disc came from a "factory pollutant area." He made the assumption by looking at "all those chimneys back there. It's polluting our air and environment and I believe this UFO was investigating that when it saw the drone recording it." He shared that he believes that UFO and alien drones want to investigate anything that flies. According to him, it wants to see the "newest technology out there to try to determine when humans will make it into space and start creating civilizations on other planets."

In the video, the unknown aerial vehicle is seen zooming from the bottom of the screen across the sea. It appears to be heading inland. Some fans believed that they saw a transparent domed feature on the disc object. Then they suggested there could be signs of extraterrestrial life. One UFO enthusiast said this was amazing a "UFO disc with a transparent dome onto, the speed was incredible." The person praised the person who filmed it. Another said that it's a "saucer-shaped metallic disc with a glass dome which means there's an extraterrestrial alien inside it."

Not all were convinced with the fuzzy image of the UFO. One noted that the object began its flight from the building on the shore and left graphic flash pixels. The person wondered if it was computer-generated imagery (CGI). Another person wasn't sure what it was, but said that it "looks to be traveling at least 400 miles per hour, maybe a lot more." The person thought it was "indeed an amazing clip."

UFO Festival
People take pictures with alien statues at AlienFest during the UFO Festival on July 2, 2021 in Roswell, New Mexico. - The festival returns during the July 4th holiday weekend following the Covid-19 pandemic. A highly awaited US intelligence report on dozens of mysterious unidentified flying object sightings said most could not be explained, but did not rule out that some could be alien spacecraft. The report made no mention of the possibility of -or rule out - that some of the objects sighted could represent extra-terrestrial life. The military and intelligence community have conducted research on them as a potential threat. Photo by Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

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