After seeing two mysterious burning objects traveling through the sky, a woman in Connah's Quay, North Wales believes that she captured a flaming unidentified flying object (UFO) on camera.

At approximately 6 pm on March 16, 62-year-old Lynn Murphy spotted the strange objects over her house in Connah's Quay, reported Mirror.

ABC10 recently shared the video of the possible UFO sighting captured on camera by Murphy. Before the objects mysteriously disappeared from sight, she immediately took her phone and filmed the white orbs flying through the air. The grandmother, who works in the care industry, believes that the 30-second video could be evidence of aliens. It's not the first time such eerie activity above the North Wales skies has been spotted, according to Murphy.

The paranormal investigator, who has an interest in UFOs and alien abductions, said that she was in her room and "it was quite a clear day." She recalled that for some reason, she picked up on energy and she could feel something. Then she looked through the "window just to see if there was anything that was causing this energy."

She said that over towards the Irish Sea, near the area where she lives, she could "see two really unusual objects. I don't know how far apart they were." She described them as long and white, and that both of the objects "were flying upwards with tails on them." She wasn't sure if it was "vapor, but whatever it was looked like a fish tail."

Murphy went to get her phone and by the time she had got back, "one of them was going through a cloud." She got a better view of the second one, but that "too shot up into the sky." Later she found out "two other people in the area had seen it on the day." She isn't sure what they were, but they definitely were "not a plane," and that they were "something I have never seen before." According to her, they looked like rockets, but she wondered why would there be rockets in the Irish Sea," and so she assumed it "could be a UFO."

She shared that there is a history of these "types of sightings in North Wales and we have seen lots of unusual things here over the years." Sharing an example, she said that in 1999, she saw "two black triangles above the house." She added that other people saw the "giant thing" too.

She shared that the objects had a "burnt orange light underneath," and that there was no noise. According to her, there was "no vibration, no smell and it just floated and went 800 yards away, turned slowly, and then turned shot off at excessive speed over the estuary."

According to The Leader, UFO investigator Russ Kellett called Murphy's clip "a great video."

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People take pictures with alien statues at AlienFest during the UFO Festival on July 2, 2021 in Roswell, New Mexico. - The festival returns during the July 4th holiday weekend following the Covid-19 pandemic. A highly awaited US intelligence report on dozens of mysterious unidentified flying object sightings said most could not be explained, but did not rule out that some could be alien spacecraft. The report made no mention of the possibility of -or rule out - that some of the objects sighted could represent extra-terrestrial life. The military and intelligence community have conducted research on them as a potential threat. Photo by Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

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