Religious writer and film producer Tim Gautier has been arrested for allegedly shooting his wife Gina Gautier on Monday evening. The 55-year-old filmmaker known for his 2016 film Eternal Salvation was booked on one count of murder and is currently detained while awaiting his arraignment.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office said Gautier's wife was shot Monday around 7:00 am over a domestic dispute in their apartment at 2300 block of Fountain Crest Lane in Thousand Oaks, California. His wife was taken to Los Robles Regional Medical Center where she died from her injuries. 

In a story published on, police reports said Gautier was detained by deputies inside the apartment while authorities searched the apartment and found a handgun at the scene.

Gautier is being held on $500,000 bail at the Ventura Pre-Trial Detention Faciltiy and is set to appear in court on Wednesday, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Gautier has worked in the film industry for well over 15 years. He has also carved his name in the magazine entertainment television series Start of Tomorrow as its creator and executive producer.

He has emerged as a premier independent producer and is the creative force behind Eternal Salvation, a story that revolves around a miraculous recovery and salvation of a business executive whose life changes dramatically as a result of his conversion to Christianity. 

Apart from Eternal Salvation, another popular work by Gautier is a short film entitled A Fight for Glory which he wrote and co-produced with his wife in 2003. The short film featured R&B singing sensation Howard Hewett. 

Gautier also worked as a freelance producer on numerous music video productions as well as television commercials.  He believes that “talented people must work together cohesively to execute and deliver an undeniably superior product.” Following this credo, Gautier made it his goal to assemble a cast and crew based on their passion and enthusiasm in each and every project he handled. 

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