Details about “Final Fantasy 8” Remastered release date and price have finally been announced. The game comes with new features and enhancements, and it is currently available on pre-order.

The remastered game was announced during this year’s E3 event, and now the game has an official release date. The official Twitter page of the franchise announced that the remastered game will be released on September 3. It will be available on Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam.

The game is currently available for pre-order. The price has been revealed to be $19.99 here in the U.S.

The announcement came with a special release date trailer. The video emphasized the love for the franchise across the globe for two decades.

The game is a new version of the 1999 classic. The new features include graphical enhancements and “a whole host of options” to customize the gameplay.

All the other games from the franchise are currently on the modern gaming platforms. The fans have been waiting for a long time for “Final Fantasy 8” to be available on the modern platforms.

For fans who have been playing the old PC version, they now have an opportunity to play it Play Station 4 and other platforms. According to a review by IGN, the remastered version of the game is “wonderful.” The character models in the game also “look great.”

The delay in bringing the game to modern platforms had led to many jokes online. The fans who haven’t played the game for years because of the blurry graphics can now get back to it.

Why was “Final Fantasy 8” the last to join modern consoles? According to Gamespot, there was some speculation that the developers had lost the source code. Another rumor suggested that the source code of the game was too difficult to port.

Final Fantasy "Final Fantasy 8" Remastered game release date and price announced. Final Fantasy/Facebook