‘Final Fantasy XV’ Release Date Rumors: PC Version Confirmed By Leaked Steam Database Entry

Final Fantasy XV
Square Enix "Final Fantasy XV." Square Enix

According to a leaked Steam database entry, it appears the release date for Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XV" has been set along with the highly-anticipated title "Kingdom Hearts 3." Even more the release date is for FF is for a PC version that has yet to be announced. Does that mean fans will get their PC version of FFXV?

Multiple websites reported, "Final Fantasy XV" PC release date has been revealed when fans seen the game on the Steam database. In a different report it was revealed that Square Enix is planning a March 2015 release for "Kingdom Hearts 3" and a May 2015 release date for FFXV.

By no means is this leak any confirmation of a real release date of both KH3 or FFXV, but according to The Bit Bag, president and CEO of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, stated that while "Final Fantasy XV" they are working on the PC version of the game right now. He allegedly revealed that the games were made with Direct X 11 tools and they've already confirmed that FFXV will be released on PC

Meanwhile Gear Nuke reported that producer Shinji Hashimoto stated that Square Enix is presently organizing some new information of the software details, hoping they will be able to satisfy the expectations of the fans of the "Final Fantasy" franchise.

"We haven't decided when, but we're currently preparing new information that may meet everyone's expectations. Please wait for a little while longer." Hashimoto said.

Shinji Hashimoto is also producing both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 and with Testsuya Nomura acting as co-director, Square Enix insisted that the past development resources won't be limited.

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