As gun-related attacks become commonplace in Florida, a young mother shared a rather heart-wrenching narrative of the recent death of her husband Dustin Wakefield, who was murdered right before his family on South Beach last week.

According to local10news, Wakefield’s wife Karina Olguin shared how the gruesome incident arose out of the blue, during a cozy family dinner at an outdoor beach café and restaurant on 14th Street and Ocean Drive on Tuesday. Wakefield and his wife are parents to a one-year-old boy.

The 21-year-old dad suddenly became the target of a gunman who approached the family in what appears to be a random attack as a result of substance abuse. Reliable sources suggest that the assailant was allegedly high on mushrooms during the attack, which was eventually confessed to officers during interrogation.

The suspect has been identified as Tamarius Blair Davis Jr., a 22-year-old from Norcross, Georgia. Davis suddenly opened fire and sent patrons running for their lives, bringing forth absolute chaos at the popular dining venue. The Georgia resident told the police officers at the time of questioning, that being high on the substance made him feel empowered. Davis was photographed dancing afterward, Fox News reported.

A teary-eyed Olguin revealed how the cold-blooded murder happened even as Wakefield begged for his life. “He was like, ‘I have a son, please, he’s only 1-year-old,” she added.

Olguin believes the horrific incident however sheds light on how brilliant and loving a dad that Wakefield was, to the world. He took the bullet to save his family, quite literally. The tense moment called for razor-sharp thinking, which Wakefield used to save his child and wife. Olguin recalls how Wakefield shielded their one-year-old Elijah and passed him on to the child’s grandmum before he faced the gunman.

Eli screams with joy and yells “Daddy” every time he looks at Wakefield’s photo. Olguin is certain that their child will grow up to be in absolute awe of his courageous father, who died in the process of protecting the family.

A GoFundMePage has been set up to support the family. The couple and their child were visiting Florida from Colorado, and spending quality time with extended relatives when the horrific incident broke out.

A representational image.
A representational image. Gentle07/Pixabay