Five people present during a condo meeting in Toronto, Canada are reportedly dead after a 73-year-old man stormed the gathering and opened fire on Sunday, Dec. 18.

According to Chief James MacSween of the York Regional Police, they were able to track and shoot down the gunman, identified as Francesco Velli in Vaughn, Ontario, CBS News reported.

It was added by the outlet that Velli had posted recordings on his Facebook page that he had an upcoming court hearing about a lawsuit in which he claimed that the building's electrical room was making him sick.

“Horrendous scene,” MacSween said. “Six deceased. One of them is the subject. The other five are victims.”

MacSween added that three of those shot were members of the condominium board. Three men and two women were killed. Also injured was a 66-year-old who is reportedly recovering at a hospital as of Sunday night.

According to Special Investigation Unit spokesperson Kristy Denette, the victims were found by police on different floors. She added that a semiautomatic handgun and that investigators don't believe he exchanged fire with the officer who killed him.

MacSween added there is no further threat to the community and they were working on getting the residents back in the building after a special unit wrapped up its investigation.

Vaughn Mayor Steven Del Duca said that everyone was shocked at the incident, something that they never thought would happen there.

"Everybody is horrified," Vaughan Mayor Steven Del Duca said. "To wake up to this news this morning or see it last night, we are in absolute shock. ... This is something I never thought I would see here."

It was a rare mass shooting incident that happened in Canada and Toronto. Both have long been known as the safest big cities in the world.

While it suffers far fewer mass shootings than its American neighbor, Canada has experienced an upsurge in gun violence, which has prompted it to recently legislate to ban handguns.

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