Now that “Flappy Bird” is no longer available on the iTunes Store of Google Play, fans are seriously suffering. The seemingly simple, yet infuriating game exploded onto the mobile game scene, and then was quickly pulled after unbridled success. Apparently “Flappy Bird” creator Dong Nguyen really enjoys the expression, “came, saw and conquered,” because while people were skeptical of the Vietnam based gamer creator’s decision to ground the game, he really did it and seems to be sticking with his harsh verdict. After removing the game for both iOS and Android devices, fans and tech enthusiasts were left in a state of shock that they could no longer download the game. Don’t worry you can live again, not only do we have ways for you to download “Flappy Bird” to both an iOS and Android device, but you can also save you High Score, which is pretty much the best part of the game!

If you want to experience the awesomeness of “Flappy Bird” again and be able to save your high score, you must be willing to make some compromises. A new online game called “Flappy Bird 3D” has emerged and while we understand it’s not the original brain child of Dong Nguyen, it’s pretty close and is a great fix for your feeing “Flappy Bird” addiction. The game can be accessed online via Kano Games and other websites, which means that your highs core can once again be recorded for all the world to see, meaning your return to glory is nearly imminent. Also you can access an even more similar version to the original, entitled “Flappy Bird Online” via Car Games. These online versions of the game give gamers the ability to still play their once beloved mobile game, while avoiding a ton of risk. While there will certainly be repositories ensuring users they can once again have “Flappy Bird” on their devices, these downloads are most likely riddled with viruses. The game was incredibly popular, so popular in fact that Nguyen revealed that he “couldn’t take” the attention and infamy from “Flappy Bird.” With an incredibly high demand, and gamers running rampant to play their favorite infuriating game, hackers have the perfect recipe to use this seemingly innocent download to distribute malware to pretty much everyone.

Good luck fellow “Flappy Bird” loyalists, do not get sucked in to the sketchy downloads, play a bit online and then attempt to move on from the once prestigious game. You know you will become addicted to another app in about a week anyway, by the way when was the last time you opened Candy Crush, I’m sure you’ve missed that addiction!