Could the new viral mobile game Flappy Bird really push someone to murder their own brother? Thankfully no, but I’m still saddened to admit that I did believe the initial story due to frustratingly short exposure time I had with this nearly impossible to beat game. While no reports have confirmed that Flappy Bird has pushed players to killing sprees, the game is so genuinely maddening that a violent side of yourself is due to come out while attempting to navigate through those damned pipes. So what about this supposed murder? Well the story was first published by the satirical website, Huzlers made a name for itself for some impressive hoaxes in 2013, namely when they reported the kidnapping of Vine sensation “Lil Terio.” It seems now the site has moved on from social media stories and settled down in mobile games, making the internet trolls of the world unite with one fell gasp, thinking that Flappy Bird had finally pushed someone to do something truly appalling.

The fake article claimed that a Chicago teenager was arrested on the charges of murder for killing his own brother. After the brother surpassed his high score in the popular game Flappy bird, he became enraged and his jealously pushed him over the edge., which identifies itself as a “combination of real shocking news and satire news,” even provided names for the brothers involved with the Flappy Bird murder. Identifying the alleged murderer as 16-year-old Gary Wright, and the supposed now deceased Flappy Bird champion as 17-year-old Jabari Wright. The fake report set up the scene claiming that the situation quickly escalated when Jabari victoriously reached a high score of 17, while Gary had only reached a high score of 6. claims that, Gary stabbed his older brother with a large knife 17 times, seemingly paying homage to his impressive and irritating high score. After coming out of a Flappy Bird induced rage, Gary called the police to turn himself in.

Despite the well plotted murder scene, mug shots, and fake quotes, the story is a hoax. I’m not sure what’s more terrifying the idea that a game can push us to murder, or the thousands of social media users who readily believed a story from a well-known satirical website. While we have all made the fateful mistake of quickly reading a headline and believing we are well informed on the matter, be sure to fully read articles before sharing them via social media profiles. So let’s clarify one more time, Flappy Bird is really irritating, but thankfully no one murdered their brother over a high score! One more thing, if you are tired of losing in Flappy Bird and want to feel the eternal glory that comes with possessing an unlimited high score, check out our hacks for removing pipes, and getting an unlimited high score. The cheats are available for Android, jail broken iOS, and un-jail broken iOS devices!