A Florida A&M University student, who posted naked photos of herself on Instagram, in front of the university's "Rattler" mascot statue on July 30, has been receiving backlash from old and current students.

Terica Williams, 24, graduated from the Historically Black University while maintaining a 3.8 GPA and acquiring thousands of dollars worth of scholarships. She openly shared that she currently has her Master's degree in Counselor Education with a Bachelors in Communication. Williams also proudly talked about her achievement of joining the "2% of Black therapists." However, all her successes are being overshadowed by her latest stunt — a photo of her posing naked on her campus. While claiming "clothes do not define you," adding, "I've been dressing provocative my whole life."

Williams' sexy photo, which garnered 48,965 likes on Instagram while writing this, shows her only in gold and red bottom pumps with her snake-style hair, which appeared as an honor to her university and an allusion to Medusa. At the same time, her fingers were adorned with elaborate gold nails. Williams last uploaded post is a short video clip of her playing a voice message of someone congratulating her on her graduation from college.

Williams appeared not ashamed about sporting her curves at the foot of the statue as she focused on awareness of body positivity. Some have expressed their amusement and celebrated Williams' bold choice; however, many from the FAMU community believed that the act was disrespectful, putting a stain on the university's appearance and beliefs.

On Twitter, FAMU former and current students had plenty to comment about Williams' act. "They're about to have 24hr security around the snake at FAMU," one user tweeted. "I was just bragging on FAMU to my job," said another, seemingly disappointed. "I wish you could've thought of other ways to represent body positivity. Maybe a sheet? A snake cover up? Anything but being booty ball naked on campus," one user also wrote.

Meanwhile, FAMU issued a statement on Twitter. "Vice President of Student Affairs William Hudson, Jr., Ph.D., said, 'The university is aware of the picture taken and is currently investigating the incident," the University said.

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