As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues his controversial move to strip down requirements for teachers in a battle against Florida’s education system, he confirmed on Thursday that military veterans without degrees will be allowed to teach children.

Despite protests and criticism from educators who fear that teaching standards within the state would plummet, DeSantis has confirmed that military veterans without degrees will be allowed to teach in schools, as he continues his complaint that educator standards are “too rigid,” according to Business Insider.

“For too long, the requirements to be a teacher have been too rigid with union bosses insisting that all educators get certain credentials that often have little impact on teaching performance,” he said.

The new policy, which aims to bridge the gap in teaching vacancies in Florida, requires the veterans to have been given an honorable or medical discharge, a clear background check, a passing grade in a Florida subject exam, and at least sixty college credits to qualify.

“Every morning our students recite the Pledge of Allegiance while looking at the star-spangled banner,” DeSantis said. “It is fitting that the teacher in the classroom is somebody who took an oath and put his or her life on the line to preserve, protect, and defend our flag and the freedom it represents.”

This comes as DeSantis continues his campaign to pass controversial laws regarding education that targets, among other things, to bar the ability of teachers to teach topics related to race and sexual orientation, CNN reported.

Among his most controversial policies is the “Don’t Say Gay” law, where the Florida state government outright banned the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3, and the Stop WOKE Act, which forbids teachers from using teaching materials that suggest that a race, sex, or nationality is prviliged or oppressed.

Many have criticized the law for giving parents avenues to complain about progressive and liberal values that they claim are being taught in schools, allowing them to sue teachers and challenge the materials used in teaching their children.

“The way bills were written was left open to interpretation and the interpretation is in favor of parents who want to sue us,” Hillsborough School board member Jessica Vaughn said. “The result is schools and teachers are self-censoring.”

“There's no question there will be some teachers that will give just the facts and where you normally have a difficult discussion about our history or have students read excerpts from slave narratives, maybe that teacher won't do that activity,” history teacher Brandt Robinson said.

“These laws are based on lies. It adds to an overall climate that is turning teachers into villains,” Florida Education Association President Andrew Spar said.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a controversial new policy on Thursday that allows military veterans without degrees to teach, as he continues his efforts to strip down the requirements to be an educator in Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

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