A 36-year-old Florida woman was arrested for allegedly having sex with her dog while her ex-boyfriend is facing charges for filming the act and storing it on a hard drive, local authorities said.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department, Christina Calello "willingly engaged in sexual activity with the dog on multiple occasions" over the course of nearly eight years. 

The police have not disclosed the nature of the sexual acts.

Her ex-boyfriend, 36-yar-old Geoffrey Springer was also arrested after he "recorded the sexual activity and placed it on a flash drive," the sheriff’s department said.

The dog, which had no visible injuries, was confiscated and taken to a local animal hospital by deputies for a routine examination. Its breed has not been disclosed.

Calello and Springer were taken into Pinellas County Jail on Tuesday, Aug. 2, and charged with sexual activity involving animals, the New York Post reported.

Calello, who was arrested and charged in May with domestic battery, posted a $5,000 bond and was released. 

Springer, who doesn't have any prior arrests, was released without bail and on his own recognizance.

LT reported a similar incident when a 38-year-old Pennsylvania resident was caught on camera having sexual relations with a dog, causing him to be arrested on July 29 for animal cruelty.

Andrew Lengle, of Minersville, Pennsylvania, had been tasked by a mother to babysit her child while she is at work on June 23. However, she said that when she checked her surveillance camera in the living room, she saw Lengle engaging in sexual intercourse with her dog instead of babysitting her child.

Lengle has been charged with animal cruelty and sexual intercourse with animals, though it is unclear if he has been taken to prison for his crimes. 
Another Pennsylvania resident was charged with animal cruelty on the same day as Lengle.

66-year-old Harold Kenderdine from Genesee was charged with animal cruelty and sexual intercourse with an animal when he reportedly attempted to have sex with a cat at “a location on Dogtown Road,”

On that same day, a Pennsylvania State Police trooper was also charged with animal cruelty for ramming a patrol car into a horse several times on Dec. 28, 2021, when authorities were attempting to capture the animal. 

The horse had to be euthanized, and the damage to the patrol car reportedly racked up to US$9,000. The State Police trooper, identified as 51-year-old Corporal Michael Perillo, was charged with animal cruelty and aggravated torture of an animal, among other raps. 

Couple arrested for filming sexual act with dog. Christina Calello (right) allegedly engaged in sexual activity with the dog on multiple occasions while Geoffrey Springer recorded the acts. Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.