Officials arrested a Florida woman on child abuse allegations after receiving the "Teacher of the Year" award.

Authorities said Carolina Lee, a Florida teacher, faces battery charges on a student at the Darnell-Cookman School for the Medical Arts on Friday. According to a Law and Crime report, the institution has received praises for educational accomplishment from both federal and national agencies.

However, the said "Teacher of the Year" awardee hit a female student across the face. The incident caused the child's nose to bleed.

Lee then smacked the child on the head many times while yelling obscenities at her. The girl claimed she attempted to pin the teacher's arm down, which resulted in her receiving a kick to one of her lower legs.

The confrontation was said to have started after Lee was announced as the winner of this year's prize on Instagram.

The student had questioned whether the teacher had used the "n-word" during a class discussion. The pupil remarked such a thing on the now-deleted page. Lee said that she had only used the term while teaching John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men."

Lee apparently agreed with the student's response that it was still not the correct thing to do. According to the teacher's Instagram post, she is unable to adapt Steinbeck's terminology.

Lee went on to argue that education can promote tolerance and understanding as well. Her said that the school, not she, had decided that this was acceptable. It was on the curriculum guide, according to Lee.

Crime Online said the instructor told police she thought the letter she received was a "threat to kill her." She stated that she wanted to discuss it with the student. During the home period, the teacher had called the student to meet with her.

A Jacksonville News article mentioned that Lee lunged over the table and hit the student multiple times when the said pupil entered the classroom.

According to the police report, Lee admitted to leaving her door open while the student was in her classroom. Another student, on the other hand, claimed that the teacher requested him to leave and that he did so, locking the door behind him.

That morning, the student decorated the Florida teacher's door. As he stood in the corridor, the child stated he could hear Lee raising her voice. There was no one else in the room with Lee and the student victim.

Officials arrested Lee that morning after they spoke with the victim, suspect, and four other witnesses.

In a statement, Duval Schools Superintendent Diana Greene described the incident as "beyond disturbing." She added that she has no tolerance for anyone who hurt children, especially those in positions of trust.

Greene stated that they will comply with all investigations and take all necessary steps to protect and stand up for its pupils.

Meanwhile, Principal Tyrus Lyles confirmed Lee's arrest over child abuse reports.

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