A 31-year-old man who was already in a heap of trouble for Nazi memorabilia and weapons during a police raid in 2017 is in an even deeper mess after the stuff that was discovered in his jail cell.

The man, identified as Michael James Holt, was found to be in the possession of sick drawings depicting himself having sex with children and a young girl engaged in sexual activity with dogs.

Holt has been already branded as notorious, particularly when he sent nude photos of himself to two children aged 14 and 13. His list of offenses carries on, including one where he hailed Adolph Hitler as the greatest person. The man who was clad in swastika tattoos said that on record in 2017.

Instead of improving on his state, Holt was handed an additional two years and two months of jail. He also forfeited his one year and four months of parole for possessing and producing child abuse material.

The said materials were found in Holt’s cell at Sydney’s Long Bay Correctional Complex. According to Judge Jennie Girdham, these were clearly for his “sexual gratification,” the Australian reported.

Among those discovered included a seven-page graphic story depicting girls aged under five being forced into sex acts with an adult male. The graphics allegedly closely resemble Holt.

However, Holt, who alleges he has strong Christian beliefs and has autism spectrum disorder, claims that the drawings were no children but aliens.

Aside from that, he shed some light on the drawing that depicted a dog and child. Holt claims that these were given to him by another inmate. He also added that the one in the illustration was not him and that it just happened to look like him.

Regardless, the judge did not buy it and believes Holt may need some form of rehabilitation. He was already denied parole earlier this year – largely because his Neo-nazi beliefs make him a safety risk to the community.

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