A man from the Headlands is reportedly seeking roughly $4.5 million in damages from one of his neighbors for having an affair and getting his wife of 27 years pregnant. It turns out that that the last child he had with his wife is not biologically his.

The man was identified as Murambiwa Murangariri who is suing Tineyi Lavite Tapfumaneyi of Namie Farm in Headlands after admitting to the act of adultery with Chipo Musonza.

Murangariri allegedly heard about the affair of Tapfumaneyi from the grapevine and everything was eventually confirmed. The latter was ordered to pay two beasts but the former is not content especially since the neighbor continued the affair with Musonza.

“The defendant’s is even defaming the plaintiff by alluding to the fact that he is not man enough. The plaintiff has just obtained confirmation that the last born is not his progeny but was fathered by the defendant,” the court papers read.

Murangariri bats that the continued relationship of Tapfumaneyi and Musonza has destroyed his family and caused considerable distress, especially after he found out that he was taking care of Tapfumaneyi’s child.

“The plaintiffs marriage has irretrievably collapsed. The defendant did not have the right to say or act in the manner that he did. The plaintiff has had his good standing affected in the community because of the defendant impregnated the plaintiff’s wife and made the plaintiff to look after a child that is not his,” the lawyers of the defendant stated.

Now, Murangariri wants to get compensated for the anguish that his family has been left with. That includes $3 million in damages for the upkeep of the child that is not his and another $1 million for shock, distress and degradation and $500 000 being general damages.

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