Former “Boy Meets World” star Maitland Ward revealed how she managed to make a feature-length porn film during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an essay she penned for a U.K. publication on Saturday, the adult entertainment star talked about her experience shooting “Muse” and detailed the safety procedures they had observed on the set of the X-rated flick.

Production on the porn film started in Los Angeles in July, when the U.S. was seeing a remarkable surge in COVID-19 cases. Ward admitted that the pandemic made her apprehensive about the prospect of shooting at first, but everything changed when she saw the effort of the production team in ensuring that all the cast and crew were safe during the filming.

“At first, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical,” wrote Ward. “How would this all work? Would the cast and crew be able to remain safe and healthy for a span of days and weeks?” she added. “But any trepidation I had quickly left me when I saw the time and effort put in to ensure this production would run smoothly and safely.”

Maitland Ward revealed that the cast and crew of the film received COVID-19 tests every single filming day, regardless of whether or not they were required to be on set. The production team also hired an EMT to make sure their temperatures were checked all the time. “Disinfecting and distancing were enforced, and only performers in scenes could take their masks off,” she wrote, saying all the measures taken to ensure their safety gave every member of the production team peace of mind.

Ward also revealed that she had been abstaining from any sexual relations since the pandemic, but there was an unexpected benefit to doing “Muse” in the midst of the global health crisis. She said that while she was anxious to have physical contact with anyone due to the virus, the safety of the set had given her a place to let loose without worrying about the possibility of getting infected.

“I had missed random human contact so much I think I mauled my first scene partner, but he didn’t seem to mind,” she wrote.

The former sitcom star said Hollywood should pick up the safety procedures they had employed in doing the raunchy film so that filming of mainstream shows and films could resume soon. “The shoot went so well, the film has now been turned into a series that will span several seasons, while mainstream doesn’t know when any of its shows can film again at all,” Maitland Ward wrote.

Maitland Ward Actress Maitland Ward attends the 2020 Adult Video News Awards at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 25, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. GETTY/ Ethan Miller