In the latest polls, former Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva reportedly leads Jair Bolsonaro between 3.7 and 16 percentage points.

According to Ipec, the socialist politician is at 47% in the polls compared to the conservative-religious chief executive. However, Parana Pesquisas finds both technically tied although the ex-President remains ahead, 40.1% to 36.4%.

These figures come days before the elections set for Oct. 2. But from the polls alone, it appears Lula da Silva may be in for a possible win in the first round.

Even in a potential second-round runoff, Lula da Silva remained at 19 percentage points, meaning he could get elected with 54% of the votes compared to Bolsonaro’s 35%.

Bolsonaro's approval rate was at 29%, down from 30% a week ago, while his disapproval rate was flat at 47%.

“We abolished slavery in 1888 and we no longer want to be anyone’s slave,” Lula da Silva stated.

Lula da Silva, christened to be “the president of hope” promised to save the people of the country.

“Get your new Bermudas ready! Get your new shirts ready! Because on 1 January, I’ll be taking power!” Lula da Silva said to his supporters.

The scene practically shows the same scenario two decades ago when Lula da Silva prepared to claim victory in 2002 that would make him the first working-class president of one of the world’s most unequal nations.

The factory worker who became a left-wing legend was battling to complete a sensational political comeback that would return him to the presidency at the age of 77.

Bolsonaro has come under fire with constituents claiming that he is driving them into destitution. Isac de Jesus da Silva, he is convinced that Lula da Silva can change all this.

“He’s the greatest president Brazil has ever had,” he said. “Unfortunately, under Bolsonaro I’m going hungry. We need Lula back in power so we can eat again.”

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Getty Images | AFP PHOTO/EVARISTO SA

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