Disgraced former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo cracked graphic jokes about homosexual men serving in the military and AIDS. He also narrated explicit stories about anal sex, the sexual escapades of the Kennedys. Karen Hinton, his former press secretary, has made such indecent claims in her upcoming memoir titled ‘Penis Politics’.

Hinton served Cuomo as the press secretary when Cuomo was appointed as the Secretary for Housing and Development, from 1997 to 2001.

As Hinton’s book projects, after the scandal of Monica Lewinsky came into the light, Cuomo showed a cigar box to the staff. He claimed that Clinton had presented them to him, along with a reminder of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’. Which was apparently the former president’s policy regarding homosexual men in the military, News Chant USA reported.

Hinton said that Cuomo held a cigar up and cracked crude jokes about not being infected with AIDS. The shocking comments were described by The New York Post, which obtained an advanced copy of the book.

Richard Azzopardi, Cuomo’s spokesperson told media outlets that the claims were despicable and wrong.

Hinton also claimed that Cuomo had told one of the staff that two unidentified Kennedy brothers had physical relations with the same woman. He went on to describe that the unidentified woman liked anal sex and visited both the Kennedys on the same day.

Cuomo stated all of the incidents happened, while he was married to Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy.

One of the five brothers of Kerry, Robert Kennedy Jr, has categorically denied all of Hinton's claims. He dismissed the claims as “baseless” and untrue. He further said that he had never heard of the scandalous allegations. Discrediting the book, he went on to add that he does not know who Hinton is. He showed support for Cuomo by saying that he does not believe the former governor would have made such comments.

Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s attorney has not yet commented on Hinton’s claims. His spokesperson Azzopardi said that Hinton is trying to rewrite the history.

Meanwhile, Facebook has banned promotions of Hinton’s book on the social media platform stating that the title of her book is indecent in nature.

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