Blackface is one of the most controversial subtopics when it comes to racism. The practice, which gained popularity in the 19th Century, was very disrespectful to people of color who at the time were unable to participate in performance productions due to racism and slavery. Knowing the history of blackface, TV host and former "Nuestra Belleza Latina" beauty queen Geisha Montes de Oca took the stage of her show Aquí Se Habla Español in the Dominican Republic wearing blackface and thing did not turn out well.

According to Black Girl, Long Hair, many viewers were outraged with Montes de Oca’s actions. They took to social media to express their disgust about the show.

“This is a disgrace to the entire Hispanic community,” one commentator wrote in Spanish.

“This is disgusting,” another added. “She is making a mockery of her own African descent….so sad. Love the DR, but the people are so stuck with the slave mentality. They see nothing wrong with it.”

Despite the fact that Montes de Oca was imitating another Dominican, singer Amara La Negra, it doesn’t give her the right to disrespect African culture in that way. Wearing the Blackface, Afro wig and hip pads was a direct slap to the face.

Amara has yet to comment on Montes de Oca’s actions, but she has reposted videos and pictures from the stunt on her Instagram account. In the past Amara has experienced colorism in front of a live audience, so we can fairly assume that these actions do not sit well with the singer.

Although most people equate Blackface in association with African-American people, history tells us that Hispanics are indeed Black. So the act of performing in Blackface shouldn’t even be joked around within Hispanic culture or any culture for that matter.

Montes de Oca has yet to apologize for her actions.