Esteban Santiago has been identified as the attacker of the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting. As news unfolded live on television, his family was shocked that the shooter was someone they knew. Santiago's aunt and uncle have gone on camera with Telemundo and gave an insider perspective as to what could've been going on in his head to commit such a heinous crime.

Esteban's aunt said that he had gone to Iraq and upon his return, he wasn't doing well. Six months after his father died. It was also said that Santiago was hospitalized in Alaska, where he lives with his girlfriend and his newborn baby.

Esteban Santiago Photo of Esteban Santiago holding his baby. Telemundo

A photo of Esteban Santiago that WeSearchr posted on Twitter has been making the rounds. In the tweet they also report that the 26-year-old posted on a forum that shares Islamic jihadi videos.

Esteban Santiago was first identified by Florida Senator Bill Nelson. He informed that the killer was carrying a military ID. It was later reported that the shooter was in the Army National Guard and that he was honorably discharged 4 months ago.