The peace was broken today at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport when an act of terrorism took place that has reportedly left 5 dead and 8 wounded. Florida Senator Bill Nelson has identified the shooter as Esteban Santiago, who has been wounded by authorities and is now in custody.

UPDATEEsteban Santiago Family Shocked With News [VIDEO]

Things to know about Esteban Santiago

1. He was carrying a military ID that identified his name, although it's not confirmed if it's his.

2. Esteban Santiago is 26 years old.

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3. He lives in Naples, Florida.

4. Is originally from New Jersey.

5. According to the Mirror, the alleged shooter was wearing a blue "Star Wars" t-shirt.

6. MSNBC is reporting that the shooter may have gotten the gun from his luggage after arriving on a flight.

7. Possible photo of the shooter.

8. Esteban reportedly has a long criminal history.

9. Santiago's family is from Puerto Rico.

10. Army National Guard confirms Esteban was honorably discharged 4 months ago.

11. Photo of the gun used during shooting.

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