A remarkable, natural supplement, comprised of a proprietary fermented Papaya preparation is debuting in the United States. Immun’Âge lovers include Irina Shayk, Sharon Stone, Stefano Gabbana and even Pope Francis to name a few.

Coined the "Fountain of Youth" in Italy and Europe, this super-food supplement that’s clinically proven to combat the internal and external signs of aging and boost the body’s immune and anti-oxidative systems, was created by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, who discovered the HIV virus. 

Immun’Age is sold at the Vatican pharmacy, where it is distributed to anyone with Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, HIV, or Parkinson’s. The product received its first taste of fame about 15 years ago, when then-Pope John Paul II was in failing health due to Parkinson’s disease, which had deteriorated his motor function to the point where it was becoming noticeable to the general public.

A premier team of scientists executed clinical trials to test its health benefits, and found out that it's perfect to combat oxidative stress (excess of free radicals), which can be caused by chronic fatigue, unbalanced lifestyles (stress, toxins, pollution, alcohol, tobacco), intensive workouts (endurance, stamina and recovery), and proven to help boost low immune defenses.

The process behind Immun’Âge begins on Hawaii’s Big Island, where the only non-GMO-certified papayas in the world are grown, at the Diamond Head Papaya Co. From there, they are flown to the Osato Laboratory Inc. in Japan, where they undergo its proprietary Fermented Papaya Preparation, which utilizes the papaya’s pulp, yeast, and dextrose. Ten months later, the final product is produced under stringent ISO quality controls.

For the first time ever, Immun’Âge is available for purchase in the U.S. here and Amazon.