France Is Looking For Peña Nieto's 'Political Godfather' Arturo Montiel For ‘Abducting’ His Own Children

Arturo montiel
Former Estado de México governor, Arturo Montiel is also known as Peña Nieto's 'Political Godfather'. REUTERS/Henry Romero

After almost three years of custody battle between Arturo Montiel who was the governor of Estado de México from 1999 to 2005, and his ex wife, Frenchwoman Maude Versini, she is threatening to put the politician in jail. Just a few days ago, Versini announced that a Trial Court from Paris issued an international arrest warrant, which will be carried through by Interpol with reach in North, South, Central America and Europe, for the kidnapping or subtraction of their three children. Montiel and his lawyer denied knowing anything about this mandate, which has been confirmed by the French district attorney’s office.

Arturo and Maude had gotten married in 2002 in the biggest political event of that year, got divorced five years later in 2007 and Monica and the children moved to Paris. The controversy began in Decemeber, 2011, when their children, then 7-year-old twins, Sofía and Adrián and 6-year-old boy, Alexis, went to Mexico to spend Christmas with their father. On January 1, 2012, Maude received a call that would forever change her life. Her daughter and sons would not be coming back in time for school; instead, a Trail court in Toluca gave Montiel provisional custody, in two weeks which is record time for a legal procedure of this nature, especially during the holidays.

The former governor accused his ex wife of mistreating the children, and used the nannies he paid, but took care of the children in France, as main witnesses in the case. The next day, Maude went to the Ministry of Justice in France to report the kidnapping of her children. Through an emergency process, an international trial was held in March, in Toluca where Versini says, “I won the first two instances and Montiel was asked to give me back my children but he kept appealing, and each appellation suspends the sentence execution.” When Montiel won the last hearing, Maude did however earn the right to see the children, but even though she traveled three times to see them, her children never showed up.

Maude Versini has resorted to every single resource such as the Inter-American Court Of Human Rights, the National Commission of Mexico, all diplomatic connections, of course, the Interpol, and she has even taken to social media where she counts every day she hasn’t seen them and a website called Sofía, Adrián and Alexis, where she wishes they will one day read and understand what she’s been through.

Versini also wrote a letter to Mexican First Lady, Angelica Rivera (as Montiel and Peña Nieto are extremely close), begging for help to which she received no response. “I’m not battling as Arturo Montiel’s ex wife but as any Mexican mother who hasn’t seen her children in three years; I’m fighting not like a former first lady but as a mother for the well being of my children whom I adore, miss, and with whom they won’t let me live.”

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