It’s not secret that Francisca Lachapel's life story and her "Nuestra Belleza Latina" journey has been, as well as touching, an example that there are no obstacles that stop what destiny has planned for our passage through the earth.

Lachapel has always maintained her humility, and could be considered, after Alejandra Espinoza, as one of the beauty queens with more acceptance on television. Today, she’s part of the new generation of young talents who promise a long and fruitful career.

Although Lachapel says she is proud of what she is and what she achieved, on Univision's morning show "Despierta America" she showed her vulnerable side, suggesting that even in her heart there are incomplete pieces and wounds to heal.

Generally, every woman who participates in a beauty contest does it because her self-esteem is at admirable levels and knows that her physical image makes her deserve a title and admiration of the world. But as the Beyoncé video of the song "Beauty Hurts" shows, competition is not easy and to be in front of the sharp eyes of people who constantly seek to highlight your faults instead of the virtues, is really a job for the braves.

On “Despierta America” Wednesday, July 12, Lachapel, who just released her perfume called "Be Authentic," burst into tears when she was invited to participate in a mental exercise called "Mirror Therapy." The purpose was to work on self-esteem.

The coach Sheila Morataya positioned Francisca in front of a mirror and invited her to look at herself and highlight all her attributes as a human being. At that moment a woman full of visible joy transformed into a sea of ​​tears and said, "I can’t, I can’t," covering her face with her hands.

But how as one of the most beautiful women in Latin America, she couldn’t see herself in the mirror? The coach will again encourage Francisca to continue with the exercise using consolation words. The woman who a few minutes ago couldn’t see her reflex in the mirror, began to feel like a swan again and pronounced features of her person that weren’t secrets.

Francisca Lachapel Coach Sheila encouraging Francisca to appreciate herself. Photo: Univision/ Despierta America

“I’m unique and unrepeatable” are the words that we should assign to our soul, those are the words that can bring us support; that’s what Lachapel yelled at herself from the bottom of her heart.

With the vulnerability of Francisca we learned that self-esteem is a constant exercise that can save us from falling into a deep depression. Watch here the full video and evaluate in your interior, if like Francisca, you still have pieces to restore.