Free lottery tickets were reportedly handed out to guests who came to pay their respects at the joyous funeral "party" of a Singaporean woman who died of lung cancer, fulfilling her living wishes.

Evelyn Hoi, 38, who worked as a PR manager at a bank, reportedly died of lung cancer after battling the disease for some four months. The deceased, who wished for everyone who knew her to have a chance to win the lottery, reportedly arranged for free lottery tickets to be given out to guests at her funeral, AsiaOne reported.

The victim was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer after she experienced chest pains in June earlier this year. About one month before she was diagnosed with cancer, Hoi reportedly developed a slight cough, however, she brushed it off as a minor ailment.

Her husband Royston Lim, 41, said that his wife did not smoke or drink and led a "regular life".

Since Hoi's cancer was detected at a late stage, her health condition continued to deteriorate despite receiving treatment. Lim said that Hoi, an optimistic person at heart, began planning her own funeral about ten days before her death.

"We went with her plan, showing her sketches of the decorations, including the colors that she wanted," Lim said.

Hoi's 43-year-old sister said that Hoi had always been a helpful person with a heart for others. She said that Hoi didn't wish for others to be upset and hence wanted her funeral to be a "happy" occasion.

"She hoped to complete the final journey of her life surrounded by joy and positivity. We tried our best to fulfill her requests, including giving out gummy sweets to mourners instead of the traditional hard candy," her sister said.

Hoi also wished for everyone who knew her to have a chance to win the lottery.

"She hoped to bring them good luck, so we bought 200 tickets," said her sister.

Hoi's wake was reportedly decorated like a party. There were balloons, including large rainbow-shaped ones at each side of the altar. Hoi was also pictured wearing a crown-like party hat in her color portrait kept at the wake.

The deceased also arranged for her bags, jewelry, and other items to be distributed to her friends and family as keepsakes before her untimely death.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a northern Michigan man reportedly died less than two weeks after buying a winning lottery ticket worth nearly $45,000, the Detroit News reported.

The winner of the Club Keno add-on game “The Jack,” Gregory Jarvis, 57, who lives in Caseville, was reportedly found dead on a private beach near the Saginaw Bay. The ticket that Jarvis bought reportedly won $44,983 on Sept. 13, but Jarvis hadn't claimed the prize. The lucky ticket was still in the man's wallet when his body was retrieved.

The autopsy report revealed that the man had drowned. Caseville police Chief Kyle Romzek said that no foul play was suspected. He speculated that Jarvis fell and hit his head while he was tying up a boat.

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