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It is a well-known fact that Charlie Puth is a fan of the most popular 90s sitcom, Friends, and that he's a good friend of both Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston in real life. But apparently he's known a big Friends secret well before the rest of us did!

Apparently Puth was well aware that a Friends special was being cooked up with HBO Max, which of course made the singer giddy with excitement. According to an interview on EOnline, Charlie Puth shared, "I knew there was something happening, and now that it's in the news, I can say I knew." He further adds, "I was told not to say anything."

Charlie goes on to say that he's more than willing to join the stronghold cast of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey. "I could play Chandler's long-lost son." He thinks he can pull this off because people feel that Puth is already very similar to Chandler Bing.

Charlie Puth and Jennifer Aniston Instagram

Although he hasn't met Matthew Perry yet, his friendship with Courtney Cox, Jen Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow is going strong. Puth says that he has somehow become "an honorary friend."

While we wait for the first episode to air, Puth is meanwhile concentrating on his music. He told E! News, "I'm a one-man band, so I'm making this music myself, essentially." He further adds, "It takes me a little longer to get out the music."

But, we will be seeing a lot more of him next year and it could mean a possible tour and even another album. After all, the songwriter always works on the go and also creates pop-up studios in his hotel room.

After listening to Lewis Capaldi and Selena Gomez's latest, he says that today, people are embracing "simple vocals and piano ballads." And, he might follow suit. But only for this trend because the talented songwriter has finally learned to be his true self.

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