The mother of former missing person Gabby Petito expressed her sadness on Sunday, Nov. 7, regarding a Hulu show centered around her deceased daughter’s murder case, as investigators are no closer to solving the tragic deaths of Petito and her fiance.

Petito matriarch Nichole Schmidt was reportedly left appalled after she found herself targeted with a recommendation for a Hulu show centered around Gabby's killing, according to the Independent.

“When you turn on Hulu, and your daughter’s story is the recommended show to watch,” she tweeted. “It’s still shocking, feels like I’m outside looking in, this cannot be our life. We must keep going!!”

Schmidt also tagged Gabby’s father Joe Petito, her stepfather Jim Schmidt, and her stepmother Tara Petito in the tweet. Schmidt did not specify the title of the show in question. Social media followers of the Petito family were supportive of the woman’s sadness over the notoriety of the case.

“I’m so sorry you are all having to go through this. Your daughter touched lives across the world and is changing them daily,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I hear you, Niki, I will never forget about your daughter,” another Twitter user said. “I prayed for her and your family last night. Let’s keep spreading her positively worldwide.

This comes as investigators find themselves stuck regarding the cause of death of Gabby’s fiance Brian Laundrie, whose partial and skeletal remains were found in Sarasota, Florida last month. While investigators have determined that Gabby died due to manual strangulation, Laundrie’s death remains unclear as of press time.

Meanwhile, as investigators continue to look into the possible killers of Petito, the FBI is creating a “digital footprint” that will allow them to track the social media movements of Laundrie and Petito, as a way to identify whether Laundrie pretended to be Petito to make officers think that she was still alive, an Independent news article reported.

They are also attempting to reconstruct a notebook found near Laundrie’s remains, as they try to shed further light on the case that has engendered the shock and support of millions of people across the United States.

Gabby Petito's mother Nichole Schmidt expressed her sadness online after being recommended a series on her Hulu account about her daughter's investigation. This is a representational image. Tech Daily/Unsplash.

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