The "Espinelas" were clearly heartbroken when Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela called it quits in 2014. The couple, who met on the set of Telemundo's "Mas Sabe el Diablo" and has a son together, made the heartbreaking news two years ago in a joint statement that explained the following: "Due to all the love that we have for all of our fans around the world, we want to inform you that a while ago we mutually decided to end our sentimental relationship in the best terms and with all the respect that our family deserves. We are not separating, because when family is involved that word doesn't exist. We are simple deciding to be best friends and continue."

Espino has since moved on and coped with the breakup as she is now dating another Telenovela heartthrob: Arap Bethke

The news was confirmed by People en Español after Bethke spilled the beans in a recent interview. "We are starting to know each other a bit more," expressed the Kenyan-born Mexican actor to the magazine. "We are very happy." He also had a great piece of advice for those in a long distance relationship like his (Gaby is in Miami, he's in Mexico). "The key is to have great communication," he said. "The important part of a relationship is to communicate and that makes distance shorter," he added. 

Just four days ago, the Venezuelan actress hinted that the rumors are possibly true when she shared a photo with a group of friends and the actor hugging her tight. "Thank you for moments that fill the heart," she captioned the image. 

What do you think of the new couple? Meanwhile, here are some reasons the two lovebirds are perfect for each other!

1) They are huge Telenovela stars.
Espino has 15 telenovelas in her trajectory, while Bethke has 18 up his sleeves. Also, the two kicked off their careers in 1997. 

2) They have both starred in films.
In addition to their remarkable career in telenovelas, both Bethke and Espinno have also starred in film. 

3) They are both in their 30s.
Unlike Espino and Canela, who had a 10-year age difference (with the former being older), Espino, 38, is only two years older than 36-year-old Bethke.

4) They are both single parents. 
Espino is a mother of two: Oriana Lander, seven, and Nickolas Canela, four. Bethke, on the other hand, has two-year-old Paloma, who lives in Colombia with her mother, according to People En Español.

5) They both love to express their happiness on social media.
We are pretty sure these two are sending each other love messages on social media, as they have both recently shared happy and positive quotes on their Instagram accounts. "Everything happens when it's supposed to happen," wrote Espino. Bethke shared: "Take care of whoever makes you feel special."