Gal Gadot’s “Wonder Woman 1984” was said to be in trouble after it scheduled reshoots. It was reported that many scenes are set to be filmed again, so the current situation in its production is chaotic right now.

Star Magazine claimed that the behind-the-scene issues of Gadot’s film are sending the studio into panic mode because the production is in disarray. A source allegedly told the paper that the movie did not even join the San Diego Comic-Con in July because they didn’t have enough scenes to show at the event.

The supposed tipster went on to add that the film’s director, Patty Jenkins, and Gadot, who’s also the movie’s producer, are the ones planning and arranging the reshoot schedules. During one of their discussions, they decided to refilm in Los Angeles instead of Europe since it will be cheaper that way.

“They’ve left some complicated sequences until the end of the schedule because they wanted the first part of the shoot to focus on the emotions and the story,” the insider told the magazine. “But this is cutting it close.”

The source said that this is not how blockbuster movies are done, so the studio is worried. Another thing that’s “making the studio sweat” is the fact that “Wonder Woman 1984” has a bigger budget compared to the first “Wonder Woman” film, and yet there are problems with the production that are delaying the film’s release.

Gossip Cop went to work and did some investigation to see if this report is true, and it turned out that the claims are not true. The publication pointed out that the movie is not in trouble just because they needed to reshoot.

It noted that this is actually a normal phase for movies that already wrapped up filming. The publicaton cited “Avengers: Endgame” and “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” as examples of movies that had reshoots before the final cuts were released to cinemas.

Gadot’s representative also confirmed that the Star Magazine's report about this DC Comics film is completely false and called it “nonsense.” Gossip Cop further stated that the outlet is unreliable as this is not the first time that it created such fictional stories to gain readers.

Wonder Woman
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