“Game of Thrones” fans are still reeling from the death of the not-so beloved King Joffrey, but now that the Purple Wedding has concluded, and the deadly dust has settled, it’s time to figure out who was involved in the murderous plot. After watching her eldest son die in her arms, Cersei immediately indicated her brother Tyrion Lannister as the murderer, mainly due to the growing tension between the pair and also due to Joffrey’s final moments. While the King was gasping for breath, he stretched out his arm and pointed to his uncle, seemingly accusing Tyrion of poisoning him. Cersei wasted no time having the gold cloaks seize her brother, and ordered his immediate arrest, however the damage was already done. Her son and king was dead.

WARNING: Spoilers for Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” ahead. Do not read any further if you do not want to know what will happen in the second episode of the forthcoming season.

Despite it being his wedding day to Margaery Tyrell, before his death, Joffrey was still in a mood to torment his uncle and aunt (by marriage) Sansa Stark. At the wedding feast he “surprised” guests with a mocking joust of the now infamous War of the Five Kings. Sansa’s brother Robb Stark was accurately represented and beheaded, and Renly Baratheon, the former husband of Margaery and uncle to the King, was also mercilessly murdered in the skit. The parody ended but Joff’s torment did not. He insisted that his dwarf uncle join the other imp performers. Tyrion vehemently refused. However the refusal was not received well by Joffrey, who poured a cup of wine over his uncle’s head and insisted he serve him as his royal cupbearer. After this tense test of power, Joffrey begin to choke on the poison in his wine and quickly died.

It is easy to see why Cersei and Joffrey would accuse Tyrion of poisoning him, mainly due to his proximity to his wine as his royal cupbearer and their mutual hatred. But it is actually Tyrion’s wife, Sansa Stark who played more of a role in the poisoning than she even realized. As the commotion of Joffrey’s death steals the scene at the Purple Wedding, Joffrey’s knight turned fool Ser Dontos approaches Sansa and gives her an escape route, something she has wanted since the Lannister’s beheaded her father, Ned Stark, in the Season 1 finale. Fans watched as Sansa scurried from the feast and ran with Ser Dontos. However the major question is where did the young wolf go, and did she really leave King’s Landing?

Yes. Sansa Stark does leave King’s Landing, and she finally escapes the Lannisters, but her departure comes with a price. Sansa unknowingly was the person to smuggle the poison that killed Joffrey in the royal wedding. However she wasn’t the one to deliver the deadly dose in the King’s wine. The aptly named “Strangler” poison was given to her in a necklace gifted by Ser Dontos. The poison was in crystal form which Lady Olenna Tyrell seamlessly plucked from her neck while apologizing for the gruesome death of her brother. Fans soon begin to understand that this murder plot was more in depth, and it gets even more complicated. Ser Dontos smuggles Sansa out of the wedding feast and even out of King’s Landing, but the shamed knight is not working alone.

The real brains behind the murder of King Joffrey and Sansa’s impending escape from King’s Landing is Petyr Baelish. While the actual escape plan may play out a bit different on “Game of Thrones” as opposed to “A Storm of Swords,” the destination is the same. Sansa flees King’s Landing only to arrive in the Vale. The plan at first seems promising, thinking she will be reunited with her Aunt Lysa Arryn. However, Baelish demands that her identity not be revealed and she must go by the name of Alayne Stone,” claiming that she will be indicted for her role in the death of the King if her true identity was to be known. So while Sansa is now rid of her enemies in King’s Landing, it seems that even more danger lurks in the Vale. Baelish was outwardly infatuated with Sansa’s mother Cat, and viewers should expect to see some of his feelings transfer to the growing girl who resembles her mother more and more with each passing day.